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This is an application for streamers that live in Southern Africa, or streamers that once held citizenship in a Southern African country, to apply for a free listing in the directory.

Are you eligible for a listing?

In order to qualify for a listing:

  1. You must be an active streamer. Regardless of whether you are a Twitch, YouTube or Mixer streamer, you need to have at least:
    • 10 videos / past streams stored on your channel of your main platform. This excludes clips and shorts.
    • Your last stream needs to have happened within the past 12 months.
    • You need to have at least 10 followers (if Twitch / Picarto / Facebook gaming / DLive), or 10 subscribers (if YouTube).
    The above are prerequisites to be considered eligible, but also must be maintained in order to stay listed.
  2. You must be Southern African. This means you must either:
    • Currently live in a Southern African country, or
    • Be a Southern African ex-pat (you live elsewhere, but were either born in Southern Africa / held citizenship in a Southern African country at some point in your life).
    If there is any doubt, documentation proof may be requested.
  3. Chosen stream categories must be easily verifiable. For example, if you choose ASMR as a category, there must be video evidence of you having streamed this.

Apply for Listing

    If you don't have a profile pic ready, you can send it later when we contact you to let you know whether your listing has been approved.

    Image Dimensions: 140px wide x 140px high | Acceptable formats: gif, png, jpg, jpeg | File Size Limit: 3mb

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    These can be other places you stream, social media accounts, discord, etc


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