We have one advert area on each page that may be rented, should you so desire.

We currently charge a flat rate of R150/month for one advert on one page, or R200/month for site wide. As the site matures, we can get a better idea of which pages are more sought after, and will adjust pricing so that some pages may cost less or more.

How is your advert displayed?

  • Unlike Google adverts that use ad rotation, your advert will be the only one that appears throughout the site for the whole month (or month’s that you have purchased), regardless of how many times the site is refreshed.
  • This is a responsive website, meaning that the website layout will change in real-time depending on the size screen it is viewed on. Because of this, we display the advert in 3 different dimensions, and will require 3 separate files from you, namely:
    1. 300px wide x 600px high
    2. 160 px wide x 600px high
    3. 300 px wide x 250px high

Is your advert eligible?

  • We do not display animated adverts. The advert files need to be static jpg/png files.
  • We do not want to display ugly adverts. We don’t want poor quality adverts bringing down the quality of our website. For this reason, we require that you first send us your advert for a approval before we send you the invoice.
  • The subject matter of your advert needs to fit in with the content of this website (i.e. streaming, gaming, technology).



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