ZA Relay Servers for Twitch

A list of relay servers for South African Twitch streamers, as well as a link where you can vote for a South African ingest server.

South African Twitch Ingest Server

Add your voice to the hundreds of others asking Twitch for a South African ingest server:–south-african-twitch-ingest-server

ZA Relay Servers

Afrihost Relay

Relay: (London) rtmp://

Relay: (France) rtmp://

More info:

Mweb Relay

Relay: (London) rtmp://

Hyperlayer Relay

Relay: (London) rtmp://

More Info:

CoolIdeas Relay (For CoolIdeas Customers Only)

Relay: (London) rtmp://

More Info:

If you’re aware of other relay servers, please hit up the comments below…

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